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Title: Arzu Okay

alx1078 - March 28, 2008 01:18 PM (GMT)
In the past months i have developed a... "love" :P for Arzu Okay and to a lesser extent Mine Mutlu. I have been searching endlessly all over the net for her movies and i found quite a lot from the site and from the forum's very own Cimbo.

Up to now i have gathered a lot of films from Arzu Okay namely (i appologise to any friends from Turkey if i butcher the titles but i don't know the language... ):
Kucaktan Kucaga
Sipsak basarim
Ye Kurkum Ye
A dan Z ye (O bicim)
Alemin keyfi Yerinde
Beyaz Kus (although the movie i have is severely butchered a lot of the... "better" scenes are cut)
Gelinin Odu Patladi
Anahtari Bendedir
Simdi Yavrum Simdi
Bekaret Kemeri
Olmaz Boyle Sey
Sokak Kadini
Vahsi Ve Tatli
Yedinci Sokak
Canavar Cafer
Ikimiz de Sevdik
Sutu Bozuk
Kapici Husam
Tepedeki Ev
Dogum Gunu

If you are like me and you have an infatuation with an actress but can't speak the language she speaks, the main thing you're looking for in a movie is ... sexy time... :D Some of these films delivered some others had none whatsoever. But i also started doubting whether the titles matched the movies i had, when i found a movie that i thought had one name, with a different name... :blink:. Also i became more suspicious when in a compilation from erotic Turkish cinema, i saw scenes from a movie i had, that didn't feature in the movie. Why make a supposedly erotic movie and then cut all the fun parts of the movie upon final release ???? :blink: :blink:

Anyway to cut a long story short, i've been looking for more of her movies. Up till now i haven't been able to find any others online (apart from the two sources i mentioned before) that can supply movies of Arzu Okay. So i write here in the hope that some collector of old Turkish movies might see this and provide his assistance.

I'm willing to consider buying any movie with Arzu Okay (apart the ones i already mentioned of course) and i WANT to buy the following:

Cirilciplak 1977
Leyla 1977
Zehirli Cicek 1977
Sen Ve Ben 1977
Beyaz Kus 1977 (the whole film and not the one that has many... very interesting scenes, cut)
Ates Parcasi 1977
Seks Firtinasi / Sevmek Olesiye 1976
Portakal 1976
Kucaktan Kucaga 1976
Arzu 1976
Sev Doya doya 1975
Kocam Erkek mi 1975
Azgin Bakireler 1975
Bes Atis yirimbes 1975
Keloglan iz pesinde 1975
Calkala Yavrum Calkala 1975
Cilli Yavrum Cilli 1975
Uc Ahbap Cavuslar 1975
Sehvet Kurbani Sevket 1975
Ah Deme Oh De 1974
Hop Dedik Kazim 1974
Culsuz ?
5 Atis 25 ?
Ayibettin ?

Also i'm willing to consider buying if anyone has the following movies from Mine Mutlu:
Cukulata Sevgilim 1975
Civciv Cikacak kus cikacak 1975
Elma Sekeri 1975
Kokla Beni Melahat 1975
Dam Budalasi 1975
Kadinim 1975
Bes Tavuk Bir Horoz 1974
Benimle Sevisir misin 1972
Sokak Kizi ?

Of course i will also provide information for the films i already have to anyone who wants.

Aymanoglu - March 28, 2008 04:03 PM (GMT)
I have an ultra-rare copy of KADINIM with English subtitles, and some other Turkish erotic films, and a few more Arzu Okay which you don't have such as:

DAR AGACI - with Irfan Atasoy

and also a THIS IS YOUR LIFE documentary special where they interview her and show clips from her films. She is now a successful business-woman B)

alx1078 - March 29, 2008 08:11 AM (GMT)
Wow... thanks. I would be interested in buying them from you. Just one question. As i told you i don't speak Turkish (so the Kadinim version with the english subs is mighty welcome) so i have to ask whether the films you mentioned are erotic or just plain movies that Arzu happens to star in. Please give me an idea on how i can buy them from you (a copy of them that is).

Also do you have any Mine mutlu erotic movies??

Thanks for your reply.

cinehound - March 29, 2008 08:29 AM (GMT)
Welcome to the forum, alx1078 :)

brains99 - March 29, 2008 04:16 PM (GMT)

I'm a very big fan of Mine Mutlu myself. She was adorable.. the Edwige Fenech of Turkey.

I once had several of the Mine Mutlu films you are seeking on VCD. Horrible quality, ofcourse. I didn't hang on to them because not only where they truly awful quality but her erotik films are quite weak. I was dissapointed.

The thing with Mine Mutlu erotic movies is that she was quite different then the other erotic stars of Turkey probably because she was more famous then the others and had more to protect. In light of this, Mine Mutlu did only very brief nudity and very weak, tame sex in her erotic films. It's mostly her back, arms and legs that are photographed. LOL! She was mostly there for her name to boost the films potential. She did show her breasts briefly and in a couple of films and she very briefly shows her ass in a couple. Like, for two seconds. But for the most part she didn't do very sexy stuff in her erotic films as compared to Arzu Okay or Ceyda Karahan. etc..

There are two films, which as far as I have learned are claimed to be her most erotic, "Ah Deme Oh De" and "Çilli Yavrum Çilli".. and wouldn't you know it, neither of these films can be found and are not available anywhere in Turkey as far as I know. I have searched. If you ever find them, please let me know I'll make a good offer for copies.

Also, I assume you might already be aware of this.. but incase... BE VERY CAREFUL buying movies from collectors in Turkey. Their older movies are just a complete mess and these turkish dealers have no problems whatsoever ripping you off. They will tell you they have all the titles you are looking for and simply send you a bunch of junk you didn't want. They don't care.

Hope this info helps.


Aymanoglu - March 30, 2008 09:05 AM (GMT)
Well, the cheap VCDs aren't very good, and that's why they should be sold for only a few dollars (an odd occassion where the price reflects the product). That's the retail price in shops in Turkey that I saw in 2005.

I prefer the uncut VHS version of an erotic action film like SU PERISI ELMASLARI (starring Aytekin Akkaya) than the crappy sliced-up VCD job.

Mine Mutlu is my fave Turkish erotic star. As I said earlier, I have her KADINIM film with English subtitles, uncut.

Always be careful of what you buy from anywhere regardless. And, always remember the price should reflect the product taking into account how rare it is. If you've paid top dollars for these dirt cheap VCDs then you should be worried!

alx1078 - March 31, 2008 08:26 AM (GMT)
Thanks for the info guys. It's hard to be careful as i haven't found anyone that can supply me such VCDs (apart from Cimbo who gave what he promised - mostly- i don't have complaints)

Aymanoglu, you didn't anser me whether i could buy copies of the films you mentioned from you.

Also do you happen to know other collectors who might have more Arzu okay films? If so i would appreciate the help.

Cinehound thanks for the welcome. It was pretty rude of me to just barge in and write without even saying a hello sorry :ph43r:

brains99 you're right. In terms of looks Mutlu resembles Fenech quite a bit. But she lacks in ...ahem... other departments. Actually that's why Fenech was so amazing. You can say she is a combination of Arzu and Mine. The best of both.
Not that i don't think Arzu is attractive... she is very very attractive. But Mine is a bit more attractive than her. Arzu wins on the whole for me (and of course because her movies offer more than Mine's...) :P

Aymanoglu - March 31, 2008 09:04 AM (GMT)
OK, I see. You've got mail :P

sinematik - May 13, 2008 11:16 PM (GMT)
Hi there

I wrote an article and we made one of the biggest arzu okay picture gallery on our blog.

here you can check the article and grab some photos.

alx1078 - October 9, 2008 09:32 AM (GMT)
Hey guys... after many months and continued search i wanted to update on what's here.

I found another vcd provider but he seems very difficult to do business with. He doesn't have an electronic form to buy from and the only way to buy from him is to make a bank transfer or send the money by post. I avoid sending anywhere money by post, and he doesn't have an IBAN so that i can make the bank transfer easily. He just provided me with his name and the bank in Instabul where to transfer the money. Does anyone know how else i can arrange to send him the money. I wanted to buy quite a lot from him, since he seems to have quite an extensive list. Does anyone know him? Or has anyone bought from him? Here's the link:

I have found more from the films i was looking for through, but most of them have been let downs. Either chopped off, or simply no erotic scenes with Arzu. I mean it's strange. In seyredin i downloaded a video which apparently is a montage of erotic scenes from Turkish movies. It has erotic scenes of Arzu from two of her movies namely Bir Tanem and Beyaz Kus. Seyredin has both of these films. But when i downloaded them none of them had any of the erotic scenes i had seen in the montage.

So either Seyredin chopped off the downloadable versions of these two films (although i can't understand why he would do something like that), or the Vcds are chopped off compared to the VHS versions.

So i was wondering. If i buy the VCDs from yesilcampazari for example of these two films, will they be the chopped off version that i downloaded, or is there a chance that seyredin just had the chopped off versions?

The list of the films i'm looking for now looks like this:

Cirilciplak 1977
Leyla 1977
Zehirli Cicek 1977
Sen Ve Ben 1977
Beyaz Kus 1977 (the whole film and not the one that has many... very interesting scenes, cut)
Ates Parcasi 1977
Seks Firtinasi / Sevmek Olesiye 1976
Portakal 1976
Sev Doya doya 1975
Kocam Erkek mi 1975
Azgin Bakireler 1975
Bes Atis yirimbes 1975
Keloglan iz pesinde 1975
Calkala Yavrum Calkala 1975
Sehvet Kurbani Sevket 1975
Hop Dedik Kazim 1974
Culsuz ?
5 Atis 25 ?
Ayibettin ?

Brains99 as far as the two films you mention Ah deme oh deme and Cilli Yavrum cilli, i downloaded both of those from seyredin and they have nothing... As i mention above they might be chopped off versions of the originals but that's what i found.

sinematik - June 21, 2009 10:36 AM (GMT)
Arzu okay was not a porno star so her films are mostly erotic comedy

i have doubts aboyt the quality of vcds and paying them 10 euros

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